Personal Branding: Musician Mike Cerveni

Personal Branding Photography

I originally met Mike several years ago as a super talented videographer. I had no idea he had this hidden passion for music. (Or at least what I thought was hidden ;-)

I was completely blown away when he reached out to me to photograph his album cover! I took a listen, watched his music videos and I was completely in awe! This guy is really really good!!! Like really good!

I'm not sure how to best describe his music... it's a mix of acoustic + rock + soooo much more. But take a listen and describe it for yourself. It has that something we can all relate to….

Here’s a link to a recent video:

I think it’s so wonderful that we have such talent here in Windsor, ON.

Wishing you all the best of everything Mike! I hope your music gets the chance to touch the lives of many many people.


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