What’s the difference between personal branding and a corporate headshot?

A corporate headshot is usually one photo of your face that doesn’t show or reveal anything specific about you. Personal branding is one-to-several photos (not limited to your face) that show your personality, what you stand for and how you do it. Think of the 5 W’s: who, what, when, where and why. Your personal branding photos will answer the questions your potential clients are wondering.


“This past summer with more public speaking engagements I felt I needed professional head shots. What I got was a life changing perspective! The power of the images [Heike took] propelled me to align with who I saw in the photographs. [Now] I’m only a few weeks away from the website, physical studio & curriculum all coming together & begin the dream I envisioned 7 months ago.”

- Debbi Sluys, www.debbisluys.com


What is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is combination of two things that exist and interact together:

  1. Who you are / who you want to be (internal)

  2. Who you show the world you are (external)

Internally, your personal brand is a way feeling, believing and becoming. Externally, your personal brand is your three internal areas translated into something visual. Your personal branding photo shoot includes a planning session where we discuss both the internal and external aspects of your personal brand. After the shoot, you’ll see that image reflected back to you through your photos.

“The person you see is the person you will be.” - Jim Cathcart.

I have no idea how I want to look… or how I want my brand to look. Is this something you can help me with?

Yes, that’s my speciality! I believe everyone knows how they want it look, they just have trouble describing or visualizing it. We’ll go through a series of easy questions and exercises to clarify and streamline your personal branding look, style and and visual message for your photo shoot.

How long does a personal branding photo shoot last?

Your personal branding session includes professional hair, make-up and the photo shoot. Combined this usually lasts 3-4 hours.

I have a few “looks” I want photographed. Is it possible to have a hair or make-up change during the same shoot?

Yes absolutely. We will plan it out for you before the shoot and co-ordinate it with your clothing. For example, if you’d like a make-up change, we’ll start with the lightest of your “looks” first, then build to your more dramatic “looks”.

“I help you create, see and believe in the best version of yourself through photographs.”

Can I do my personal branding shoot at a specific location? do you have a studio?

Most people do their shoot in my studio. But yes, we can certainly do your photo shoot at a specific location. I’m always open to hearing new ideas! Depending on the location you choose, there may be a travel fee. Contact us and we’ll let you know.

I only need a couple photos right now until I get my business more established. Is this possible or what do you suggest?

If that is all your require right now, no problem at all, we can do that for you! During the consultation, prior your shoot, most clients discover they’ll in fact require more than one photo to reach their goals.

The best part is, you only choose how many photos you’d like to purchase after you see them. You don’t select a package until after your shoot.

How did you become an expert in Personal Branding? Not just the photography part, but also the concept and planning aspects?

I love this question. There are two main reasons….

The first, is my experience in advertising. And the second, is my background in psychology.

Before I became a professional photographer, I had a 10 year career in advertising working both in Toronto, Canada and Frankfurt, Germany. My work focused on selecting the perfect imagery and creating designs that attracted the right audience for my clients. I worked with big brands like Mastercard, Kraft, Breyers and Roche to name a few… But, before I realized I wanted to work in either photography or advertising - I my area of study at university was in psychology and my degree is in Science. For more about me, check out my bio.

“I believe that each of us should be thoughtful, proactive, and rigorous about our own identity. Focusing on and answering a few key questions will allow you to shape your identity and thus your life to better meet the expectations you have of yourself.”

- Reid Hoffman, Co-founder LinkedIn

Who needs personal branding?


How do I book a consultation or a photo shoot?

I’d love to hear more about your business or your future adventure! Send me a quick note here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

How do I plan for my personal branding photo shoot?

Great question! My best advice would be to think about how the more successful you (the future you) would want to be perceived and plan your shoot around that!

Do you do personal branding photography for teams or entire companies?

Yes! We usually create tailored packages for groups based on your specific needs. Let us know your details and we’ll happily send you some personalized packages.

“The person you see is the person
you will be.”

- Jim Cathcart, Thought Leader - The Cathcart Institute

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