Between the Sheets Couture Portrait

I've heard it called a many number of things - the most popular being boudoir. My clients have described the experience and their decision to do it as: 

  • "life changing"
  • "a chance to celebrate my life here and now"
  • "a chance to feel and show a different side of me"

I often think about my clients 40 years from now looking back on their photos and re-living the self empowering experience. Remembering and appreciating this single special moment in time.

It's about truth, vulnerability and embracing and loving ourselves at all times in our lives. Our experiences make up the very special and unique persons we are. Let's love and celebrate ourselves.

Here are a couple images from Tara's recent "between the sheets" photo shoot in the studio. Together, we shared both laughter and (happy) tears! 

I'll leave you with this this quote from

"Telling the truth when we feel vulnerable is one of the hardest things to do. We might fear rejection, abandonment, disapproval, disappointment, rage, hurt, or just the raw exposure that’s an unavoidable part of the process. Yet almost every time we are willing to tell a hard truth, we grow and deepen in the presence, no matter the response." (