How my competitors increased my sales and I increased theirs

I hear it all the time and you probably have too - the photographer friend complaining their competitor is copying their style, stealing their clients, using the same presets … and charging way less!

It is easy to slip into this negative way of thinking.

In fact I started my business because of the negativity and downright rudeness another photographer showed me, but that’s a story for another day.

Back to embracing your competition to increase your sales.

When I started my photography business, I was living in a new city and didn’t have many contacts. So I reached out to other local photographers, who I felt had a similar style (and coolness factor lol).

I emailed them, introduced myself, complimented their work and asked if they would be interested in starting a referral network.

It worked like this:

If I was unable to photograph a certain client (see below for list of possible reasons), I would refer that client to the other photographer. And the other photographer would do the same for me.

I reached out to first 2 then later 3 other photographers and they all said YES!

Since starting this referral network, my annual sales increased by approximately 20%.

“You must never think for a moment that the supply is limited….Never get afraid that you will lose what you want because some other person “beats you to it”. That cannot possibly happen; you are not seeking anything that is possessed by anybody else” – Wallace D. Wattles

The more you give the more you will receive.

Have you used your competition to advance your business? We would love to know how! Take a second and leave us a comment on this article.



    1.    you are already booked on that date  (i.e. weddings, events, holiday sessions, too busy)
    2.    you don’t do that type of photography (i.e. newborns, real estate)
    3.    you feel the client would be better suited to a different photographer (i.e. personality clash, wrong style)


    1.    your competitor’s marketing efforts give you clients
    2.    your reputation and visibility is increased when other reputable photographers recommend you
    3.    you make new friends (and you never know when you might need help i.e. you are sick and cannot show up for a scheduled photoshoot).

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