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Heike Delmore's favourite high quality free branding resources  |

Heike Delmore's favourite high quality free branding resources  |

My Secret Sauce

In addition to stunning photography, presenting a professional brand to the public is paramount in reinforcing your value, gaining trust and attracting your ideal client! I receive a lot of questions about my branding and my use of typography. And although I am not going to reveal my fonts - I consider them to be a part of my secret branding sauce - I am going to reveal some excellent free resources where you can find high quality editorial style fonts. Did I say free? Yes, I said free!

Mind your Ps and Qs

Please be sure to read any licensing restrictions before using a font for your business. Some fonts allow only for personal use - so be sure to read the fine print.

Using your Font on your website 

Did you know many fonts can be used both in graphics and on the web? Once you find your brand's perfect font you can use it for your website text! Take a look at the Web Font Generator at Font Squirrel.

My favourite Free Editorial style fonts

For my hand picked collection of free fonts, take a look at my pinterest board called "Branding & Free Fonts". I will be updating this board whenever I find new high quality fonts - so feel free to follow this board! :-)

Websites with free fonts:

If you would like to do some research on your own, these are a few websites where I have found some excellent free fonts!

*Please note, I have not tried nor downloaded them all of these fonts personally - so please, as always, exercise caution when downloading anything from the internet!*




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