Heike Delmore working behind the scenes in studio on a couture portrait photo shoot.

Couture Portrait Session – $190


- a pamper session with one of our professional makeup artists and hair stylists,
- a
n in-person/telephone meeting to prepare you for your session,
- your professional p
- and a p
ersonalized unveiling of your edited images.


My images start at $275 on the Wall and go up from there.
My beautiful big Folio Boxes start at $1200 and go up from there. 

The final images are your choice. There is no hard sell -it’s my job to take images of you that you LOVE so you want them all!

Everything you purchase will also be given to you on CD.

If you find you like everything, we have a package collection of 21 images for $3000 + folio box + large print (includes photoshoot, hair and make-up).