You are graphic designer turned photographer?

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been,” a quote by English novelist George Elliot pretty much sums it up!  I was a designer for 10 years in both Canada and Europe for influential advertising agencies.  This experience has given me a discerning eye when it comes to photography, also to know the specific qualities and emotions a photo must evoke in order to get published in a magazine or sell an advertisement.  I think this knowledge and experience is what sets my approach apart from other photographers.  

What inspires you?

I am most inspired by both fashion magazines and my client’s personal stories! I come from a very diverse cultural background, and as such, I love finding the beauty and uniqueness in each individual I photograph!

When you got married, how did you choose your wedding photographer?

I specifically remember all of the planning that went into our wedding.  (And I planned most of it from abroad – yikes).  I was very picky in choosing my wedding photographer – from the quality of her photos, to “do our personalities mesh?”, to “does she understand my style and unique needs?”  I was thrilled with my photos!  I know what it is like trying to plan a wedding and choosing a photographer, so I go out of my way to help my brides – give them suggestions, help them plan their wedding day schedule, and generally put them at ease – so they can focus on looking great in the photos!



Brides have said you are really easy to work with.  Do you have a secret?

I don’t think I have a secret.  haha. I am a people person and I see myself as a good friend to the bride.  So I try to do the absolute best for her – just as I would for a good friend!  Whether it is capturing her from her most flattering angle, or making sure every important shot is covered on her wedding day.

Can we hear what past clients have said about you?

Yes, I have a testimonials page where you can read about what some previous clients have said.

What is your wedding booking process?

After speaking with the bride and groom and going over their wedding details, I require a signed agreement and a 30% retainer to reserve their date.  No date is reserved unless both of these have been received.  Next we go over engagement shoot dates and locations.  I also give the bride and groom some information on how to make their engagement shoot successful.


How soon before our wedding date should we book you?

Usually a year in advance is a safe bet.  However, certain dates/months are very popular.  So, if you want to be sure you get your date, I would suggest booking immediately after you get engaged or after you secure your venue.  Any changes to your schedule on your wedding day can be made later.  For example, if you need an additional hour of coverage, that can be added on later.

How many hours of wedding photography coverage does the average couple book?

9 hours coverage is typically what a couple books.  That is usually the perfect amount of time to photograph: the bride getting ready, detail shots of the rings and other personal items, the ceremony, any family shots, the wedding party shots, the grand entrance, first dance & other dances, toasts, cake-cutting and any other traditional customs.  Many times I customize packages for couples – so please let me know if you have any special requirements and I can put something together for you.

We love the style of your wedding and engagement photos.  Do you edit them and touch them up for us?

Thank you!  Yes, I colour correct and edit all of your photos.  Some will be edited more than others.  Based on your style, I create post-processing treatments for each photo.  Some examples of post-processing treatments would be: changing photos into black and white, de-saturating the colours to give them more of a vintage look, and so forth. Body shaping, slimming, skin softening and wrinkle removal, etc. is not included. If you are interested in any of these extras, please inquire about the extra charge. (In addition to the core images we give you, we may include some that are artistically special in some way, (based on my opinion), even though they may not be technically perfect.)

Do we get a disc of the images?  Can we print them anywhere?

Yes, most wedding and portrait packages include your digital images.  You can print any and all of the photos.  (You just cannot sell them to any other business, or use them to advertise other products). Please note, we cannot guarantee the quality of the printer you choose! For the best printing results, we suggest ordering through us. We use a professional print lab where the results are top quality – and yes that means much higher quality than Blacks.

Are the digital photos High-Resolution?

Yes, the if your collection includes the digital images, they are high-resolution images.  This means they are of the highest quality for printing sharp, crisp photos.  This is important, because low or medium resolution images are of lower quality and you will have fuzzy looking photos when printed – especially if you are printing something larger than a 4×6!

Will you put our photos on your website?

Yes, I usually put some photos from every photo shoot on my website.  I am pretty flexible with each client’s needs, so feel free to let me know your thoughts and we can work something out.

Will you be personally shooting my wedding?  Do you bring a second photographer?

Yes, I will be photographing all of the creative moments of your wedding.  I am always accompanied by an amazing, senior photographer, as a second shooter!

Do you and the second shooter work together or apart?

We usually work on location together.  Since, my photography style has a very clean fashion inspired feel, we accomplish this by working as a team especially for getting ready photos – to adjust wardrobe details, posing, lighting, moving furniture etc.  The result is beautifully polished photos. Under special circumstances we sometimes work individually for a short period of time.

Do you bring back-up equipment?

Yes, definitely!  We carry extra camera bodies, lenses, and flashes.

Do you have liability insurance?


Do you book more than one wedding per day?

No.  Occasionally, couples book a couple of extra hours of coverage at the last minute, so once you have booked your date, we keep the entire day available for you!

Will you travel?

I do travel for several photo sessions.  Depending on the distance, there may be a small travel cost.  Please inquire for more information.

The package price is a bit more expensive than our original budget, can we pay in instalments?

Couples usually pay in 2 instalments.  The first instalment is 30% to reserve your date.  And remainder is paid 30 days prior to the wedding, or on the wedding day.  It’s true, weddings are crazy expensive and in many cases it’s about finding ways to save money.  But you will not get this chance again and photography is the one aspect of your wedding (aside from your marriage itself) that will last forever!  Do you know when your entire family and friends will be gathered in one place again?  In my opinion, photography is not one of the areas you should leave up to chance.  It really is an investment for future generations to look back on and enjoy.

How long does it take until we receive our photos?

For weddings the post processing of your photos will take approximately 14-32 weeks.
For engagements it may take up to 14 weeks.
For family, baby or maternity photos the post processing time is less, please inquire for approximate times.

My goal is not to rush through your photos, but instead to take the time and care each photo deserves to be edited beautifully.  However, I will put a teaser blog post online very soon after your wedding so you can glimpse a sneak peek while the rest of your photos are being edited!

Can we get some thank-you card photos right away?

Yes, if you’re planning on sending out thank-you cards with a photo on it, let us know, and we’ll send you a couple of images before you receive the rest of the images.

Who determines which photos go into the coffee-table wedding books?

The couple chooses which photos will be included in their coffee-table wedding book. Once, you view your images in your online gallery, or on your DVD, we request that you email us the filenames of the photos you would like included. Please select the number of photos according to the number of pages in your book:

30 page book > 40-50 images
40 page book > 55-65 images
50 page book > 60-75 images
60 page book > 85-95 images
70 page book > 95-110 images
80 page book > 110 – 120 images
90 page book > 125 – 140 images
100 page book > 140 – 155 images

Please note, that we cannot design your book if you do not send us your selection of photos.

Do you photograph headshots, portraitsfamilies and high school seniors?

Yes, yes and yes!  I usually photograph these in the comfort of my studio or at an interesting location of the client’s choice.

How about maternity and boudoir photos?

Yes, I usually photograph maternity photos and boudoir photos in my studio.

If I choose a family/kids package where I get to select a certain number of photos, does choosing the photo in black-and-white automatically mean I will receive the photo in colour also?

No, each image you select is counted as one image.  The reason being is, each image is post processed for colour, exposure, toning, and artistic styling individually.  Similarly, if you select an image with artistic text embedded in it, it also counts as a separate individual image choice.  I like to give my clients choices because  everyone has a different vision of how they will display their photos.

Do you donate to any charities?

Yes, we donate to ALS society of Ontario!

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